Boris Kester

Genre: Literary Memoir


Are You Ready to Explore the World’s Most Intriguing Destinations?

Get ready to dive into an unforgettable journey with Boris Kester’s riveting book, “The Long Road to Cullaville.” Join Boris on his audacious mission to visit every country in the world and experience the astounding beauty, captivating cultures, and memorable adventures that await in some of the most exciting places on our planet.

From the breathtaking landscapes of Yemen to the vibrant streets of Congo, the mysterious island nation of Nauru, the awe-inspiring terrain of Afghanistan, and many other lesser visited yet equally fascinating countries, Boris’s vivid storytelling will transport you to the heart of each location. This collection of sixteen enthralling stories is an open invitation to immerse yourself in the magic of travel, as you bear witness to the power of fate and the inherent risks that come with each journey.

Perfect for both seasoned globetrotters and armchair travelers, “The Long Road to Cullaville” will inspire wanderlust and curiosity in everyone. Whether you’re dreaming of visiting every country in the world or simply yearning for a taste of the unknown, this book will undoubtedly change the way you see our world.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary journey! Grab your copy of “The Long Road to Cullaville.”

Boris Kester is a man of many talents: a senior purser, programmer, political scientist, sports enthusiast, polyglot and fearless adventurer. His passion for exploring the world is evident in his captivating travel photos and stories, which he shares on  According to the authoritative travel site, Boris ranks among the 100 most traveled persons in the world.


“Boris’s candor and writing style draws you in, and his journeys are fascinating. I felt like I was sitting beside him, running with him, and experiencing all the joys and exhilaration of meeting new people and places I could never have dreamed of. I highly recommend this book.”

–Carrie Pierce, Bestselling Author of Handwritten Note

Bob Katz

Bestseller: Elaine’s Circle

Genre: Literary Non-Fiction


Have you ever had an unforgettable teacher who changed your life forever?

In Eagle River, Alaska, teachers are under pressure to “teach to the test.” Elaine Moore, however, has devoted her career to teaching what she believes is the most crucial lesson of all, that learning only matters in its relationship to others. In Elaine’s Circle, that lesson will be put to its most severe test.

Elaine has been told that Seamus, a popular 4th grade boy in her class, has terminal brain cancer. Elaine’s Circle is the true story of how this courageous teacher rallied an entire community in support of her bold decision to engage the students in the most difficult conversation of all, the impending death of their friend and classmate.

This true-life story surges with drama as students, townsfolk and, most of all, Elaine Moore embark on a turbulent yet uplifting journey. With raging battles being fought today over what can be taught in schools and who gets to decide, Elaine’s Circle stands as an inspiring example of how a determined, compassionate teacher can bring people together when they are most in need.

Read ELAINE’S CIRCLE today to discover the remarkable true story of how this dedicated teacher, a supportive community, and a group of fourth graders succeeded in creating a community ‑ a circle ‑ so strong that an ailing boy’s last wish is to never leave it.

“This novel is so good-hearted, so life-affirming, it’s a joy to read…
—Mary Ann Grossman, St. Paul Pioneer Press

Third and Long is an American classic. It’s a story about hope and possibilities, crumbled dreams, and surprising redemption. I loved it!”
—Lynne Cox, author of Swimming to Antarctica

“If John Steinbeck had known as much about sports as Bob Katz does, he would have been proud to have written Third and Long. Katz has offered us a smart, moving, beautiful and important book.”
E. J. Dionne Jr., syndicated columnist, NPR commentator

“A sly, lyrical novel (think Friday Night Lights meets All the Right Moves, only funny) . . . “
Sports Illustrated

Third and Long by Bob Katz is one of those books you want to read every word of for fear you’ll miss one of the many brilliant passages. Whether it’s characterization, descriptive setting, or narrative insights, they all shine with originality and effectiveness…”
Rod Raglin, The San Francisco Book Review

Steven Maier

Genre: Literary Memoir


What’s really happening behind the scenes in the high-stakes art world?

Steven Maier shares his hair-raising and often hilarious stories from his 40+ years as an art dealer to the stars and to the not-so-starry. From Janet Jackson to Anthony Quinn, from Dali to Picasso, he’s seen it all and shares his true-life encounters and rollicking adventures in a no-holds-barred expose.

How does a creative young man go from being a decorative house painter to becoming a successful art dealer traveling the world and then finding a third career as the artist Sonny Pops, Hawaii’s Ambassador of Nu’u Pop?

As Maier says, Gallery Confidential is a dog-eared survival manual. A must-read for anyone that buys, sells, or looks at art or just wants to hop on an irreverent roller coaster ride of a new age story.

What does it mean to be an artist and sell your work? What do you do when you face adversity, like opening your dream art gallery a week before 9/11, and fail? How do you pick yourself back up? How do you carry $200,000 in cash on an airplane? The answer to these questions and more resonate in the lively anecdotes that make up the life of a man well-lived.

Pick up your copy of Gallery Confidential today. Pour yourself a drink, sit back, and explore the art world most of us have never seen.


A must read for anyone that buys, sells or looks at art”
—Kimbrough Robbins, critic

“Like One Thousand and One Nights, Maier’s 100 stories of the art world are part audacious expose, part memoir, and part history of four crazy decades filled with Hollywood stars, scoundrels, artistic geniuses, and hustlers. For a thrilling, sometimes sad, and always entertaining inside look at the art world, read Gallery Confidential.” —Charles Levin, Amazon Bestselling Author of the NOT SO DEAD Trilogy”

Donald J. Hurzeler

Genre: Retirement Planning


A strategic guide to the next best steps post-career from the bestselling author of What’s Left of Don? and Smells Like Retirement.

What if retirement can be the best part of your life… even if it’s unexpected?

The road to retirement is typically a long one, with plenty of time to prepare (although most people don’t). The Covid-19 pandemic changed everything, throwing many careers into chaos. Some of us had jobs one day, and then they were gone. For others, the freedom of working from home has opened their eyes to a new, more unshackled way of living.

But eventually, you might return to work, and think the unthinkable… should I retire? Can I retire?

Millions have done it, but the path is difficult without experience, expertise, and a trusty guide. Suddenly Retired: A Roadmap for What Comes Next is a goldmine of knowledge drawn from Don Hurzeler’s experience with retirement, the pitfalls he overcame, and the decisions he faced. Do I move near the kids, or do I take the leap to my dream locale? How do I communicate with my partner to make decisions that works for both of us? How much money is really enough to retire in comfort?

Suddenly Retired is packed with practical, fun, relatable stories and advice which could make the next years of your life, the best years of your life.

Is it possible to rethink how you live now and bring about a more satisfying and rewarding future for YOU? To find out, read Suddenly Retired and access the tools you need to assess your unique circumstances, develop a comprehensive plan for the present and the future, and build confidence that you can “suddenly retire.”

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David Wimer

Genre: Business Reference


What if the unexpected occurs and your solid business and comfortable life are suddenly thrown into chaos—will you be ready?

Enter Murphy, one in a long line of business-owners. He, sure wasn’t ready. When the pandemic hit, his reliable industry suddenly ground to a halt. With customers anxious for orders, his team concerned about the future, and his ability to support his family at stake, Murphy wasn’t sure if he’d be able to weather the storm.
What he didn’t know is that there is one simple step he could have taken to be prepared for any circumstance—even a global pandemic.
Luckily, his cousin Mac introduces Murphy to a team of insightful consultants who ferry him through the magical process of evaluating and value-prepping his business. Murphy learns it’s never too late to be prepared!
Will Murphy be able to change his perspective as a business owner and protect his company, his family, and his community? What is the one step YOU can take to ensure you’re never caught off guard in business?
Grab a copy of THE TALE OF MAC & MURPHY to find out the answer—it’s the most important business decision you’ll ever make!

David Wimer